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Strict confidentiality agreement or what is a registration agreement for a mention to be binding, it must meet the same criteria that all contracts must meet: (i) the offer; (ii) adoption; (iii) consideration iv) security; and v) the intention to establish legal relationships. Even if a primary contract and a letter are two independent agreements, the content of the primary contract may affect the letter. Once the validity of the two contracts has been verified separately, the consistency of the two documents will have to be verified. The problem with a letter is that its validity as a binding document can be easily questioned, even if the intention of the parties at the time of execution is that it is legally binding, and this was underlined in the case of Barbudev/Eurocom Cable Management Bulgaria EOOD and others ([2011] EWHC 1560). First, it is forbidden to use letters to change the price in certain real estate transactions. Since a portion of the total price would be included in the subsidiary letter, it would explain a lower price in the primary contract, therefore reducing the tax base. In this case, the letter would not be valid and would also be punished against the parties to the subsidiary letter and the professional author. To increase secrecy, parties to an alternative letter sometimes choose to keep it in trust. In this subsequent situation, the parties must carefully develop the instructions they wish to give to the agent and may decide to recruit lawyers as agents in order to use the legal privilege associated with this profession.

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