Sales And Purchase Agreement In Chinese

9.1 The seller must provide each shipment with a complete set (6/6) Clean on Board Ocean Bill of Lading, signed by an authorized representative of the shipping lines, signed by the captain and shows the stamp of the ship and shows “CLEAN ON BOARD” and Freight Prepaid, according to the master remarks are acceptable: Wet before shipping: Loading the open area: Rusty Aerophec in 21 (twenty-one) days from the payment date. Assuming that the unloading port is the same and that the separation of separate shipments is the buyer`s responsibility after unloading. Each complete vessel may consist of several shipments constituting separate orders.9.2 Commercial invoice issued by the seller: 6 original and 6 original copies bearing the contract number, 9.3 Original and three (3) copies of the SGS quality and volume report.9.4 Three (3) originals and three (3) copies of the original certificate9.5, 5, which lists the buyer as a beneficiary covering 110% of the value of the cargo covering all kinds of events that could result in delivery delays, loss or depreciation of quantity, quality of the goods.9.6 Delivery Charter Agreement. 11.1 Both parties to this treaty are relieved of their obligations in the event of force majeure.11.2 Force majeure is understood in accordance with the provisions of THE ICC500 and involves any event such as fires, explosions, explosions, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and similar natural disasters, wars, epidemics, military operations, terrorism, riots, revolts, strikes, 11.3 The contracting party whose performance of this contract is prevented by an act of force majeure must, within 7 (seven) days on the actual event of the event, prevent the actual performance of the event. , which must be confirmed by a certificate from the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, indicating the event and the expected duration. If the non-presentation of such notification is prevented from unloading the portion of the contractual obligations arising from the force majeure event, such notification is made impossible.11.4 In this case, the performance of the obligations of one of the parties is deferred to the duration of the existence of the force majeure event, plus a reasonable period for the remobilization of production and shipping.