Car Rental Agreement With Driver

3. In the event that the tenant or driver does not return the rental vehicle during the rental period due to a natural disaster or other force majeure event, the tenant or driver is not liable for the damage caused by such a cause. In this case, the tenant or driver will immediately contact the company and follow the company`s instructions. If the tenant or driver has violated these Terms of Service while using the rental car or is fulfilling any of the descriptions listed in Section 8, paragraph 1, the company may, without notice or warning, disclose the lease and immediately request the return of the rental car and treat the billing as shown below. 4. If the company deems it necessary, the company can cooperate with the police to take responsibility for the tenant or driver in relation to illegal parking, by taking action. B, for example, the transfer of documents containing personal data, with the exception of the social security and tax number (hereafter referred to as the “individual number”), such as. B the letter of recognition or the rental vehicle. The company can also take the necessary legal measures, such as the transfer. B of public safety documents containing personal data, including, but not only, a letter of declaration, a letter of confirmation, rental vehicle certification and other section 51.4 documents.

(6) traffic code and disclosure of information on the real aspects of illegal parking. The tenant or driver accepts the steps the company can take. (*1) The basic instructions issued by the government authority refer to Articles 2, paragraphs 10 and 2(11) of the “Basic Guide to Rental Vehicles”, issued by the Director of the Office of Motor Transport, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, on 13 June 1995, under the name Ji-Ryo 138. (*2) A driver`s licence is a driver`s licence pursuant to Form 14 of section 19 of the Highway Traffic Act, pursuant to section 14 of the Highway Traffic Act. In addition, international or foreign driver`s licenses are considered a quasi-licence permit, in accordance with section 107.2 of the Highway Traffic Act. This car rental agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties with respect to this lease agreement. An amendment to this agreement can only be made in writing by both parties. Any notification to the other party is communicated to the contact information below. NOTE: Under Clause 7 of this agreement, the cost of diesel and other fuels and oil used during the tenancy period is the responsibility of the tenant. To the extent that the law does not permit this, the tenant cannot accept the services of a driver made available by the company at the same time as the rental of the vehicle (including intermediation and driver intermediation services).

10. If registration on the All Japan Rent-A-Car system is made pursuant to Article 18.6 and if the order to pay the penalty for illegal parking is cancelled due to the payment of the penalty, etc., or if the entire amount claimed by the Company pursuant to Article 18.5 is paid to the company, the company will delete all data recorded on the All-A bus system.